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Bathrooms & Wet Rooms
Over the years, fashions change and bathrooms start to look out of date and, sometimes, even look the worse for wear and in need of a facelift.  For example, the fashionable phase of coloured bathroom suites of the seventies and eighties has long since been replaced with gleaming white bathroom suites of today.

And the style and layout of bathrooms has also undergone a dramatic change as well, with shower cubicles and wet rooms becoming increasingly popular and replacing the traditional bathroom layout.

Modern Bathrooms

Like Ford cars over a hundred years ago, you can have any colour of bathroom suite you want as long as it is white.  White suites are now so popular they are virtually the only colour you can buy, and they are available in a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles.  There's a style for virtually every taste and one for virtually every setting.

If you are considering updating or modernising your old, tired bathroom, then Mechurion will be pleased to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.  Your new modern bathroom is only a phone call away.  Simply call Mechurion on 0330 900 9003 or click here to complete their QUOTE REQUEST form.

Shower Wet Rooms

As the name implies, a wet room is just that.  A room that gets wet on the floors as well as the walls!  They are deliberately designed that way to provide the maximum freedom when showering or washing.  The wall and floor of a wet room are normally completely tiled, and the floors are equipped with drains at appropriate locations to enable the water to drain safely away during use.

Some wet rooms are completely open plan, allowing water to freely splash and flow wherever it likes.  Others are equipped with splash screens around the shower section to restrict the splash area to within the confines of the shower itself.  Either way, wet rooms are ultra modern, contemporary and easy to keep clean.

Mechurion will be pleased to assess your wet room options and provide you with a free, no obligation quotation on request.
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