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Eco-Friendly Green Energy
If you are  looking for a green alternative to oil or gas heating, have you  considered installing an eco-friendly Biomass Pellet Boiler which uses wood  waste for fuel?

Biomass boilers burn environmentally friendly wood pellets, which have been compressed from wood waste products like sawdust, and waste timber from manufacturing and the lumber industry itself.  

For more information about this highly efficient biomass boiler, please click the following link:
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Air Heat Pumps are designed to extract heat from the air itself, and converting this into a green, environmentally-friendly heating source which is highly effective.

Heat pumps are usually fitted adjacent to the house on a wall or the ground, and simply extract heat from the air itself.  They are designed to work in very low temperatures, making them the ultimate "all year round" renewable energy source.

For more detailed heat pump information, please click the button link below.
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